School at Lumshnong:

In Lumshnong, Meghalaya Shyam Shishu Mandir is a school where students are underprivileged children of migrant workers. Around 100 students are getting their basic education along with different extra-curricular activities here. Star Cement has also built a CBSE affiliated school at the Lumshnong plant. Education is imparted in state of the art classrooms up to class X to the children of its employees and the neighbouring villages.

Kala Mandir - Art, Music & Dance School

It is a school especially for students from rural and remote areas of Mohit Nagar, Jalpaiguri who have potential but due to financial crisis and other obvious challenges cannot pursue extra-curricular activities. They can learn the basic skills of Art, Music and Dance in this school. Around 246 students are engaged in these classes.

Brichyrnot School Bus Service

School going students from remote areas of Meghalaya always face enormous challenges to avail conveyance to their schools. A school bus service has been started for over 36 students of Brichyrnot and neighbouring villages of Meghalaya to address this issue, resulting in smooth mobility of school-going students in remote areas.

Computer Literacy on Wheels Programme:

It is a step towards quality education under which LP and middle school students in Assam and North Bengal will get an opportunity to learn basic computers inside a bus equipped with computers. The course curriculum was developed by team of professors of IIT Guwahati.

Teachers training program:

Teachers training program were organized on year to year basis for neighboring schools to train teachers on joyful learning of mathematics and geometry and evening classes were started for pursuing adult education for 60 illiterate persons of Megahalaya.

PRAJNAN – Career Development Program:

PRAJNAN – Career Development Program was initiated in Sonapur area in collaboration with Sonapur college with an objective to train graduate students to prepare themselves for competitive exams.

Student Scholarship Programme

A Scholarship program has been organized for meritorious students of classes 10 and 12 in Meghalaya, who are economically vulnerable. The students are given adequate support for pursuing their higher studies. Children from neighbouring villages are being encouraged to get enrolled in Star Public School for which admission are done in a subsidized fees structure

School Infrastructural Development:

Star Cement has extended consistent contributions to creating better infrastructure facilities and presence of necessary amenities in the education sector. Schools in Mohitnagar, Lumshnong and Sonapur were supported with CGI sheets, construction of a new building, classroom, boundary wall, gate, approach road, renovation of existing structure through the installation of iron grills and gate, ceiling fans, desk-bench set, chair, table, almirah.

Guwahati Blind School:

Guwahati Blind School is being continuously supported for engagement of a cleaner to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness within the school premises . School Annual Function were celebrated that encouraged differently abled students to participate in extra-curricular activities of School Annual Sports which is a step towards overall development of 75 students in Guwahati Blind School.

Play kits distribution:

Play kits including cricket set, football, chess, ludo etc. were provided to 28 schools in Assam & Mohit Nagar.

Classroom Educational Kit Distribution:

Star Cement took an initiative to motivate school goers and to create class room environment more interesting with distribution of classroom kit like books, bags, umbrella, dictionary, encyclopedia and other stationary goods. Over 10000 students were covered under this project in Meghalaya, Assam and West Bengal and it was observed that students became more enthusiastic in studies and the rates of school goers are gradually increasing.

Apart from this a children home in Jalpaiguri, named “ANUBHAB CHILDREN HOME” was supported with basic infrastructure. Here more than 50 orphan girls stay and continue their studies.