Generation of Sustainable livelihood

Star Cement created a livelihood hub that covers a wide spectrum of initiatives that generates employment and sustainable livelihood for 200 youths. From setting up bakery production unit, agarbatti production, biofloc farming, menstrual hygiene unit, tailoring unit, handy-crafts making projects etc. to beautician training, embroidery training, etc, these initiatives aimed at enhancing skills and extend support to the rural youth. Under this project, the selected youths will be trained and will be given an opportunity to earn monthly income, yearly dividend. Requisite training will be provided within the livelihood hub and support will be provided for a stable dignified employment.

Star Madhuban Project

This project promotes secondary source of income of numerous Bee Farmers of Assam & Meghalaya and Darjeeling area covering 13 villages. Farmers were supported with bee boxes, extractor machines and other necessary equipment and training on rearing bee hives to create a steady source of livelihood.

Spice Cultivation Project

In Mohitnagar, in Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal, spice cultivation project has been implemented from the year 2019-20 . Around 108 farmers were supported with Termeric & Ginger Rhyzom free of cost along with technical training by ICAR-CPCRI, Mohit Nagar covering 100 bighas of land in Mohitnagar Enthusiasm among farmers to cultivate turmeric and ginger in barren land indicate that they are getting their desired result and a steady livelihood.

Star Usha Tailoring School

Empowerment of women is the most important aspect in in rural India. In remote areas women are mostly dependent on others for availability of liquid cash. In order to generate a secondary source of livelihood and skill building for the local women, Star Cement took initiatives to set up a tailoring and embroidery school in Meghalaya, Assam and West Bengal. The objective of setting up Star Usha Tailoring School is to enhance the skill set of women on cutting, stitching and embroidery.

Beautician Training

Beautician training was started in collaboration with Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship for training of young girls and women so as to to encourage them for self-sustenance

Star Surabhi Project

This project made an impact and enhanced the livelihood of 20 households in 6 villages of Sonapur areas of Assam, supported with milking cow, doorstep orientation or increase of milk production and cattle population. The project implemented in shared value mode where farmers had contributed feeding, insurance of cattle, construction of cattle shed etc. enabling the farmers with steady income.

Star Hangshagram Project

Hanshagram touched the lives of 250 duck farmers of Sonapur, Assam, supporting and facilitating them to increase their income. It was an initiative to help the farmers with the necessary training for the proper rearing of ducks. Additionally, they were given 20 ducklings to raise and a month’s food for healthy and easy raising. This CSR initiative by Star Cement positively impacted the duck farming families helping them to prosper with a better profit.


This project is facilitating sustainable livelihoods for 65 households in 6 villages of Sonapur and Tetelia in Assam. Rearing of disease-free ‘Eri Silkworm’ (cocoon production) along with Keseru plantation is enabling farmers to earn a better income and giving them economic stability.

Mason Training

Reskilling of 100 number of Masons were done in Siliguri in collaboration with CII & CREDAI.

Pig Rearing Project

Supporting 365 Pig Farmers of Meghalaya & Assam with formal residential training and as post training assistance, farmers are supported with 3 piglets at free of costs and low cost pig sty were constructed on cost sharing mode.

Matsya Samriddhi Project

250 Fish Farmers of Sonapur and Tetelia of Assam are supported with free training, and supply of fish seed and feed at free of cost where pond renovation is done on cost sharing mode.

Around 145 youths and community persons were trained and supported for setting up Bio Floc Fish culture for extensive fish farming in Mohit Nagar, West Bengal and Sonapur area, Assam. All farmers are supported for setting of 10000 ltr tank and other inputs and accessories required for scientific Bio Floc culture including fish seed and feed at free of cost . Continuous training was imparted through involvement of resource person for a complete cycle of fish rearing