Health & Sanitation Programmes
Star Jaldhara: Potable Water Facility:

Star Cement generously accelerated its effort in establishing an appropriate drinking water system in the neighbouring villages, educational institutes in remote and rural areas of Meghalaya (Lumshnong, Khliehriat, Brichrynot, Umsahi villages),West Bengal (Mohitnagar, Jalpaiguri) and Assam ( Chamta Pathar and neighbouring villages )near the plant. The system comprises of boring amenities, installation of water pump, creation of storage, plumbing and lifting of ground-water to the overhead tank, purification of stored water and laying of underground water pipes having several outlets for easy accessibility of students and teachers within school premises and above all proper distribution of potable water in the village area. Around 10000 communities of these villages of Meghalaya and approximately 3000 school going students and teachers of 21 schools of Mohitnagar and 6 schools of Sonapur area have benefitted from STAR JALADHARA PROJECT.

Swacchata- Construction & Renovation of Toilets:

Star Cement aims to create awareness about personal and institutional hygiene among the societies, and the subsequent adverse effects of open defecation in Meghalaya, Assam and Jalpaiguri. Public toilet blocks have been constructed in three locations in Lumshnong, Meghalaya, Mohitnagar, West Bengal and in Sonapur, Assam over the last five years. In Mohitnagar, West Bengal and Assam, the existing institutional toilets of 21 LP & ME Schools and Sishu Siksha Kendra also had been renovated for the benefit of around 1500 students and teachers.

Around 640 household toilets have been constructed in Sonapur, Assam and in Lumshnong village, Meghalaya to create proper sanitation facilities.