Rural development Programmes

The development of rural infrastructural facilities is one of the crucial CSR components and Star Cement has undertaken substantial initiatives to upgrade the rural infrastructure ensuring seamless movement in rural areas. Under this project, development of local market, cremation ground, drains, roads, boundary walls, community halls, elaka halls, waiting sheds, concrete steps, village and link roads, construction and renovation of RCC Bridges are some of the significant works that were done. Rural Infrastructure Development initiatives benefitted more than 30000 people in 30 villages of Assam & Meghalaya

A few initiatives

  • Connecting the roads of Bryshnot village of Meghalaya,
  • Development of local community hall
  • Construction of new Market complex was in Lumshnong area of Meghalaya
  • Development of public utility areas of social religious institutions at Mohitnagar in Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal
  • Construction and Repairing of Library , common property resources, guest house of Sonaur area
  • Development of Basket ball court at Jalpaiguri
  • Construction of all roads, drains, concrete steps of Lumshnong village including bridge etc
  • Construction of an auditorium and renovation of cremation ground have been undertaken to benefit more than 10000 local population.

Additionally, under its rural development scheme, around 500 rural people of Mohitnagar area who were going through hard times during the winter season due to lack of winter clothes were provided with blankets so that they could stay cozy and warm resulting reduction of struggle of survival.

Support of Rural Sports

Star Cement has put stupendous effort to support and inspire the local youths in various sports events. Support was provided for Badminton, Women Football Tournament and T-20 Cricket Tournament in Meghalaya, Assam and West Bengal. In Jalpaiguri, West Bengal the single Public Basketball Court has been constructed by Star Cement for the local youths especially for the women players. An Interschool Sports was arranged in Mohitnagar, West Bengal where students 19 schools were actively participated and a set of play kit bag was distributed to all schools to encourage them more in sports and extracurricular activities.