Code of Conduct

The company always believes in complete transparency and discharge of the fiduciary responsibilities which has been assumed by Directors as well as by the Senior Management Executives and/or Staff.
Therefore in order to ensure the continuity thereof though, not written but otherwise ingrained, the Board of Directors has approved of the following Code of Conduct for all Directors as well as for the Senior Management Executive and/or personnel and other employees. Company Secretary of the Company will act as the Compliance Officer of the Company.

  • Compliance

    Every employees and directors of the Company should comply with this code. Company’s ethical standard shall be built in the time to come. The management assumes a special obligation for their own awareness and effective communication of the code to the employees.

  • Fiduciary duty

    All Directors as well as Senior Management Executives and/or personnel while dealing on behalf of the company will exercise the power conferred upon him / them and fulfill his / their duties honestly and in the best interest of the company.

  • Conflict of interest

    The Directors and each Employee of the Company must not allow personal interest to conflict with the interest of the Company or to come in the way of discharge of duties of office. They should not engage in a business, commercial relationship or commercial activity with anyone who is a party to transaction(s) with the Company. Noneof the Directors and/or Senior Management Executive and/or personnel will exploit an opportunity arising while associated with the Company for his personal gain either directly or indirectly.

  • Delegation

    The Board of Directors shall delegate substantial power of management of the affair of the Company to a Managing Director or any other Director where there is no Managing Director.The Board shall also delegate specific power to various committees formed in accordance with the Companies Act 2013 and the Listing Agreement.

  • Equality

    The Directors/Executives shall practice a conduct that promotes equality of gender, class, caste and opportunity and should promote the same values and also exercise their duties in a manner that encourages healthy, personal and career growth of the employees of the Company.

  • Confidentiality

    The Directors and Employees of the Company must maintain confidentiality of the information and shall not use confidential knowledge for their direct or indirect personal advantage or for the advantage of any other entity in which they have a direct or indirect interest.The Company’s confidential information includes product information, product plans and list of customers, dealers and Employees and financial information.

  • Ethical Conduct

    All Directors/Senior Management Executives shall strive to ensure complete implementation of and adherence to the Code in an utmost professional manner.It shall be the duty of the Company Secretary to bring to the notice of the Directors in advance instances of non-compliance by the Company.