Vastu Tips
  • Bedroom

    There are specific rules that if followed, helps in maintaining the optimal situation of Vastu in bedroom. The bedroom is a very intimate spot and it needs a lot of attention when one is trying to improve its harmony with the nature.

    • Door:The door to the bedroom has to open at least up to ninety degrees. This is significant of the fact that you are allowing maximum opportunities into your life. You are also supposed to make sure that the bedroom door is made of a solid and strong material, so that your private and intimate life is protected from the outer world and the interferences as well.
    • First thing you see:It is always good to make sure that the first thing you see upon entering your bedroom is something that is serene and happy.
    • Sharp corners: In the bedroom, Vastu dictates that you avoid sleeping directly in line with any sharp corners. Sharp corners would take away the calm and serenity from your life and make you much more tensed.
  • Living room

    The living room is the place where the family usually gather together, it is also the area where the other people come into the house. This area is powerful because it can draw a lot of attention to the house.

    • Seating: While sitting in the living room, the owner of the house should face either the north or the east. The other members of the house and the people who have come to visit should sit opposite to or beside the owner.
    • The north- east face: The east and the north face of the house attracts good vibrations from this (north-east) corner. Having the living room in the north- east would make sure that people are more harmonious.
    • Flooring: In Vastu for living room, it is considered better to be at a lower level than the rest of the house, since it provides a good sense.
  • Kitchen

    The kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner and the person should cook while facing east. Also it is good to avoid planning the kitchen in front of the main entrance.

  • Generic

    All doors and especially the entrance door opening at 90 degrees, is suitable according to Vastu. This way, positive energy can enter your house effortlessly and generously. Avoid placing anything behind the doors so that there’s no obstruction.


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