Message from the CHRO

Within a short span of about 15 years, Star Cement has already affirmed its leadership position in the North East. At this important juncture, Star Cement is poised for growth and expansion significantly. Employees being our most valuable and important resource, will be the key driver for this growth and expansion of the organisation in coming days.

We firmly believe that Human Resources is the key differentiating factor between a good organisation and a great organisation. Employees in Star Cement are nurtured with care and empathy. A strong leadership is committed to drive the employee friendly conducive culture of Star Cement along the imbedded values of being fair, transparent and humane.

Star Cement is always considered to be a great organisation in the mind of customers and consumers for its ongoing focus of doing business in right and ethical way and by ensuring its commitment to customers. Environment, Health & Safety, for not only its employees but also for the larger society, has always been the priority for Star Cement beyond business. Unprecedented CSR initiatives at grass-root level in and around the geography of our operations is a testimony to it. Deep seeded confidence of employees and their family on the company during regular and tough times is subtle, but it speaks volumes about the family value and psychological safety Star Cement provides.

As the Chief Human Resources Officer of Star Cement, my upcoming plan and initiatives would hover around putting in place best in class people processes to unlock and unleash the full potential of every employee, make them future ready and drive the business for success. Employee development for all and career growth for right talent are going to be the few of key focus areas of HR.

Being an employee at Star Cement means that you are welcomed into a highly safe, inclusive, supportive and productive community, where you learn and grow in an expanding business environment.