Why Join Star Cement?

Star Cement’s journey since inception has been a fateful one, fringed with success stories and glorious feats. The company has not only established itself as the market leader and the most preferred brand in North Eastern India, but is also steadily propelling forward as the fastest growing company in Eastern India.

Star Cement owes its burgeoning Success Story to its highly talented pool of human assets who have strived incessantly to redefine the standard of excellence through unparalleled hard-work and unmatched determination as they feel connected not only professionally, but also emotionally, socially and even spiritually to its Mission, Vision and Objectives.

Living true to its Mission Statement, Star Cement respects the dignity of its employees and aspires to be respected for the highest level of Integrity and Human Values in the Corporate arena of Eastern India. The organization believes in providing equal opportunity to its employees and always fosters Fairness, Transparency and Employee Centric all the time. The organization provides a conducive environment for its people to thrive in harmony and deliver collectively towards achieving the organizational goals.

Also the organization provides an opportunity to work in an extremely stimulating environment with Freedom at Work, Supportive & Caring Culture. Star employees are proud to belong to an organization which offers them a galore of opportunities – in terms of continuous upgradation of their skill-sets, professional development as per the identified development needs and training programs.

The organization believes in instilling a talent mindset across all levels in the organization. It also offers a highly appreciative culture to motivate employees to deliver to their optimal potential by rewarding the deserving outperformers.

The culture at Star Cement fosters a feeling of collaboration and underscores the importance of a sense of Community in the workplace that fosters Team Work, Camaraderie and Commitment.

Life at Star Cement

We strongly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We also endeavour to nurture a culture of diversity, innovation, employee care and respect.

In all our operating locations, we pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and not discriminating on the basis of race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability. Employee policies and practices are administered in a manner that ensures all decisions relating to promotion, compensation and any other form of reward and recognition are based entirely on merit.

We encourage a high-performance culture and support it through various rewards and recognitions. We strive to ensure a safe, healthy, clean and ergonomic working environment for our employees, contractors and anyone affected by our activities.

An Inclusive, Inspiring work environment

We aim to reach out to diverse talent and embrace the different skills, ways of thinking and experiences that talent brings. We believe in creating an employment experience that:

  • Enhances lives
  • Provides a fulfilling work environment
  • Inspires people
  • Offers personal and professional growth

We also aim to provide an environment where everyone feels included and has equal opportunities to contribute, grow and feel valued.

Innovate, Challenge and Drive Change

When you join Star, you join a collaborative, agile working environment that stretches your thinking and encourages innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. You also become part of a Star culture that is rooted in respect, empowered to experiment and to learn from failure. At Star, we expect you to step outside your comfort zone. Here, you can be confident to innovate, challenge and drive change.

Be a part of the Family

Life at Star gives you a fostering feeling of hospitality, collaboration, and a sense of community in the workplace. All these contribute in developing relationships, cooperating with others and enjoying your work, leading to an ideal work culture. The teamwork, cooperation and commitment is a by-product of camaraderie that positively affect your work quality, productivity, profitability, and your morale.